Lose Weight Without Willpower

Take control of your weight with GLP-1 medication

Losing weight can be a battle against your own biology, as your body fights hard to return to its set point weight no matter how hard you try to make healthy choices.  

When you've already tried everything, it can feel like achieving a healthy weight is beyond your control.

New GLP-1 medications can be a powerful and effective tool, but too often these treatments are unaffordable or difficult to find, especially for those living outside of a major metropolitan area.

By embracing the new science of weight loss with GLP-1 medication, Reset Solutions helps patients reclaim their power, even when past weight loss attempts have failed.



Medical Consultation

The first step is a virtual consultation with one of our specialized physicians who will assess your medical history and suitability for the program. The consultation is risk-free; if you're not a candidate, we'll waive the fee.


Medication Order and Delivery

If you're a candidate, your physician may prescribe a specific type and dosage of GLP-1 medication that is tailored to your needs, at a cost that starts at just $139. Medication can be picked up at our clinic or delivered straight to your door.


Ongoing Support

Your program includes a kickoff session, monthly check-ins, valuable program content for long term healthy living, access to prescription refills, and a care team that is truly dedicated to your success. Virtual or in-person appointments are available.


Reset Your Set Point Program

  • Get a full refund if you don't qualify
  • Medical consultation with a physician
  • Program kickoff session
  • In-person guidance, support, and instruction
  • All follow up appointments
  • Refill management
  • Progress tracking in our mobile app
  • Holistic program content
  • In person or virtual
  • *Prescription medication is billed separately, starting at $139

Reset Solutions is a medical weight loss clinic located in The Woodlands, TX. We see patients in person at our clinic which is conveniently located in the Vision Park Medical Center's Pine Forest office plaza, near I-45 North. Our services are also available to patients throughout Texas through our virtual and remote delivery programs.